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​​    WuJi is a freestyle Chinese fighting art based on a realistic no nonsense approach to martial arts. The main focus is to learn how to defend against opponents in street fighting situations, taught in an informal and friendly environment. The essence of our training is to develop and hone student's instincts. If faced with no other option, the students' instant reaction will be to naturally use the best technique in the best way without having to think about it. Students are helped to develop their own way to maximise their potential rather than learn to identically copy set patterns of movements. To compliment their study some students also compete in Boxing, K1 & MMA events.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

" WuJi has a very effective training method, full range of fighting techniques. Sifu Show is a great teacher, he can show you your weaknesses and help you improve on them.  He can't make someone perfect but can help you to understand yourself better so you can do it ". 

PETER DAVIS - Malaysia
ONEFC pro mma fighter
UKMMA welter weight champion

'' I now live and fight in Thailand where I have worked with some world champions but I have never seen a fighter who moves like Show. He has an understanding of his own body and how to use it which goes beyond fighting. If I could choose any trainer in the world to train me for my next fight, it would be Show ''.

Pro boxer

Current Muay Thai Phuket Magazine journalist

" Real fighting has very serious consequences, to walk away does not mean you are a coward, but shows your maturity and intelligence. For the most part we live in a civilized world and my experience has shown me that around 90 percent of people, no matter how emotional the situation, will find a solution through talking. However, the harsh reality is there are a few who will wish to harm you, your family, people you love or your friends, these people can leave you no other choice but to use force.

WuJi is about both self defence and self discipline, it is not difficult to learn self defence techniques but learning to live with modesty, kindness and respect can be a challenge.




Martial art fitness is combining the stamina and the body strength to support all the severe actions you make, a good base body condition is required to fight, your technique becomes less effective the lower your physical standard. Better martial art fitness is the same as increased stamina and strength. The fighting art consists of 2 main aspects — mental & Physical, these different disciplines are developed through 2 symbiotic training practices.

Internal - Mental  & internal body strength training, refers to the mental power and fighting spirit, focus developed through the special breathing training.  External - Physical training  for the development of the external body strength  & fighting techniques. This fighting concept included the WuJi nine fundamental principles :
Instinct, Strategy/philosophy, Strength/fitness, Power, Accuracy, Speed,  Distance/range, Balance and Timing/Rhythm.

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